Fig Preserves - Simple Recipe

Figs are a Summer favorite around here and I’m sharing my simple recipe for preserves to enjoy long after the Summer Season! 

Fig Preserves

First, I start with locally grown figs. Fig trees are pretty common here in South Louisiana so there are a few local growers as well as Farmer’s Markets that sell figs. They’re usually sold by the “gallon” since it’s easier for small growers to manage rather than having to weigh each batch. Luckily, my sister and brother in law have large, beautiful fig trees right next door so sourcing has been easy. They are selling their house so I’ve been looking for other sources…more on that in an upcoming post!

I like to give the figs a good rinse and soaking in cold water. Even though pesticides are other chemicals aren’t used on them, I still like to wash and clean them well!

 Fig Preserves

After washing, it’s go time! The hardest part of this recipe is having enough time allowed to make the preserves otherwise, the recipe is super simple! 

Since my in laws harvest the figs in small batches I usually receive a gallon at a time of preserves so I make the preserves in gallon “batches” but the recipe can be adjusted as needed. 

I make the preserves in my Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. This cookware is an investment but well worth it! It’s such a work horse around my kitchen! I add the gallon figs at once and begin simmering on low heat. Next, add 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt, then cover. Adding a lemon slice while the preserves are simmering is optional. My family prefers the preserves without lemons so I usually omit this step.

Allow the mixture to simmer and come to a low boil stirring frequently over the next 3-4 hours. 

Fig Preserves

The preserves are ready once the mixture has a thickened consistency and the liquid is falling off of a spoon in slow, thick drops. You can then can or allow the mixture to cool to eat fresh or freeze. Freezing in airtight containers has been my go-to lately. One gallon of figs makes approximately 3 quarts of preserves. 

Fig Preserves

I made a short video about the process on my Instagram account that you can watch here. I’ve also attached a photo below if you’d like to save this Pin for reference in the future. I’d love to know if you try the recipe!

Fig Preserves





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  • Thank you so much for the recipe. I live in Northern California and our fig tree is just about to be ready to pick. I was wondering what to do with them lol. I’ll definitely be making up a batch of the fig preserves .


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