Easy DIY Shaker Peg Rail

Looking for an easy, beautiful way to add extra storage? Shaker Peg Rails are the perfect solution.

Shaker Peg Rail

This super simple DIY has made such a big impact in our kitchen and I’m excited to share the process and sources with you! 

There are a few different approaches to attaching the pegs but I think the easiest way is to use these Wood Shaker Pegs with attached screws. 

We used a 1”D x 4”W pine board and spaced the pegs out 4” to make sure I had enough room for hanging mugs, pots and other kitchen items!

Shaker Peg Rail

We predrilled the holes for the pegs, then simply screwed them onto the board. After attaching to the wall, I added a little caulk and paint and the project was complete!

Shaker Peg Rail

I have a video of the process here on Instagram so head there if you’d like to see the process in action! Let me know if you try a similar project and be sure to tag me in your social media posts! 


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